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“In her debut novel, Private Altars, Katherine Mosby audaciously bucks [the] fashionable themes, and the result is a stunningly lyrical work of fiction … Mosby’s debut serves as a rich and accomplished antidote to the works of so many nouveau minimalists.”
—-Time Magazine

“The reader is not likely to find a better novel this year.”
—-The Dallas Morning News

“It is a book that no one who loves language should let slip by … Mosby has a true storyteller’s voice.”
—-The Boston Globe

“In Private Altars Mosby appropriates and reworks an almost nineteenth-century form, capacious to allow for both a poetic style and an absorbing narrative. Hers is a tremendously ambitious undertaking … giving us something original … drawing strength from the author’s close observation and vividly realized scenes. Vienna, Willa, and in particular, the little boy Elliott emerge whole and believable, in a world as concrete as it is literary. Mosby has combined the stylistic conventions of Wharton and James with the trappings of the Southern gothic … together they have produced a curiously vital hybrid.”
—-The New Yorker

“As events unfold and the shape of a classic tragedy emerges, Mosby, who has a profound sense of beauty in both nature and art, treats her rapt readers to hilarious dialogue and exquisitely nuanced psychology, laughter and tears.“

“Mosby’s vibrant slice of Southern Gothic life is touched with a harsh, fey beauty, the kind of beauty that snatches the skin off of the world. In Private Altars, this novel with a heart like a bell, Katherine Mosby has made a splendid debut.”
—-Austin Chronicle

Private Altars is a brilliant debut by an obviously gifted writer.”
—-Richmond-Times Dispatch

Private Altars is distinguished by apt metaphors, imaginative perceptions and precise language … This is prose of a high order, and Mosby can reach these heights consistently, creating a density of language that borders on being an extended prose poem.”
—-Los Angeles Times

“As with all things original, Katherine Mosby’s Private Altars takes a little getting used to but the effort is richly rewarded. The novel is full of lush, poetic imagery.”
—-The Seattle Times

“Mosby, a poet herself, writes with fluid grace …”
—-People Magazine

Private Altars … is a striking, almost magical example of the wonderful places well-matched words can take a reader. Mosby … weaves [the characters] into a shimmering, unified canvas. The sum of the story makes Private Altars so worthwhile. What is so remarkable about Private Altars is her studious dedication to subtlety and understatement, creating a world that is less about something than a place in itself.”
—-South Bend Tribune

“Quiet but penetrating … Private Altars, hauntingly poetic in language, eloquently reminds us that we all share a common bond.”
—-Southern Living

“If all authors could boast of comparisons to Harper Lee and Truman Capote after their debut novel, perhaps we’d have more books like Private Altars to enjoy. Such lavish praises can be relished by Katherine Mosby, who has definitely earned such distinct honors with her first novel … a timeless tale, beautifully written and guided by true-to-life characters.”
—-The Daily Mississippian

“This stunning first novel is the tale of a Northern woman … [and her] children, as fascinating a pair of youngsters as you’ll find anywhere. {Mosby} has produced a riveting novel and created three characters that will linger in your mind — and your heart.”
—-Detroit Free Press

Private Altars by first-time novelist Katherine Mosby is a complex and beautifully written story … Of the many novels I’ve read recently, this one keeps coming back to haunt me.”
—-Feminist Bookstore News

“Mosby braids sentences together with the cadence of verse and the grace of a waltz. The effect is a lyrical melody created by using ordinary words to gain extraordinary results. Mosby breaks our heart, makes us laugh, and raises our righteous indignation — all in the space of a page. Mosby’s greatest gifts are her insightful humor and vivid characters {that} live even after we’ve reluctantly turned the last page.”
—-The Florida Times Union

“This is a stained-glass window of a book … Mosby’s language shines brightly.”
—-Houston Chronicle

“This [is] a stunning first novel … Mosby has produced a riveting novel that will linger in your mind and your heart.”
—-Indianapolis Star

“In this splendid debut, Mosby fuses unforgettable Southern Gothic characters with brilliant prose steeped in lyrical simile. A fine addition to contemporary Southern literature.”
—-Library Journal

“When the line between poetry and prose becomes blurred, words turn into visions, and beauty is born. And so it is with poet Katherine Mosby’s first novel, Private Altars. Mosby shares Bronte’s sense of tragic romanticism, creating a place and a people rich in history and texture. The author’s beautiful prose begs to be read aloud, and certain paragraphs ought to be reread for sheer pleasure. Private Altars confirms that the quiet unfolding of a story filled with love, loss and strength can still captivate.”
—-L.A. Village View Post

“In elegant prose, Mosby has narrated Vienna Daniels’ poignant story of re-affirmation with wit and tenderness through her insightful exploration of ‘the tolerance of difference’ in its myriad forms.”
—-Newport News

“Mosby tells her story about the fateful consequences of being different with grace and perception … Private Altars is an evocative, memorable novel.”
—-Orlando Sentinel

Private Altars successfully captures the essence of a woman who is torn between conforming to the subservient mother figure that society demands and fulfilling the desire to be her own person. Her struggle unfolds into a powerful and unforgettable saga worth reading.”
—-The Red and Black

“By no definition is this simply a typical Southern Gothic novel. In beautiful prose, with tragedy and wit, its many layers create an astoundingly rich depth. Mosby, the author, is a poet who here writes a lyrical first novel … that will imprint on the reader’s memory.”
—-Sunday Oklahoman

“The lush tapestry of Mosby’s erudite yet very human perceptions is a pleasure to read.”
—-Margaret Skinner, The Commercial Appeal