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“I have been reading and rereading these poems…drawn by the daring, the impulse, the plainness, the beauty and the clarity of unaccompanied language.”
—-W.S. Merwin

“Katherine Mosby, by the sheer force of her spiritual breath, restores the inspired to the inspiration in her late twentieth century book of hours. These poems are moving, wise, and bear a remarkable weight in their few lines.”
—-Molly Peacock

“Mosby has woven a strikingly beautiful tapestry of lyrical poems. Her imagistic poem-prayers integrate the sensuality of the physical world with the transcendence of the spiritual world. Lovingly and hauntingly crafted, Mosby’s spiritual lyrics evoke the power and mystery of divine love. A worthy addition to all collections.”
—-Library Journal

“Mosby skillfully gathers our fragmented thoughts and experiences into an appropriate mediative focus. Like all valuable books on prayer, it brings us back for repeated reading.”
—James P. Carse, author of Breakfast at the Victory and The Silence of God.

“…a fresh approach to what prayer can be.”
—-Newark Star Ledger